Cameroun’s vision 2035 what can be written home about it 13 years after it was passed

What is the Vision?

An emerging democratic and united country in diversity.It states that it hinges on the results of past studies and populations need and aspirations.reduce Poverty,middle income and industralise the country,consolidate democracy

LONG TERM : A united, indivisible,peace, security, fair democracy, decentralized admin, prosperous economy with good infrastructure,population growth, gender parity, access to social service,independence of judiciary,poverty,illiteracy, social exclusion, unemployment, fair distribuition of resouces

MEDIUM TERM: Poverty,middle income,industralised,consolidating democracy and national unity while respecting country’s diversity

Poverty alleviation implies bringing poverty to minimal levels that can be tolerated at the social level notably by ensuring strong, sustained and job-generating growth on the one hand and by increasing, extending and improving social services, including health, education, housing, training, water, electricity, roads, etc.

According to world bank growth rate in Cameroun has been decreasing since 2017 from 3.55% in 2016 to 0.73% in 2020 and 3.5% in 2021 compared to 10.1% in Rwanda in 2021. iin Cameroun manufacturing industry accounting for more than 23 per cent of the GDP, secondary sector , 40%., from from -8% in 1993 to -50% in 1994(genocide year)

The foundations of peace and democracy are freedom, equality and the sovereignty of the people, In 2021 Cameroun was growing at 3.5% less than half of what it set for itself as a target for 2017%.

In 1981 Cameroun was growing at 22% , in 1982 it plumated to 7.5% since 1981 Cameroun has never seen a double digit growth in GDP, the most was 8.1% in 1985 and 7% in 2004.

Cameroun was moving from agriculture and extraction(primary sector) and informal tertiary activities to what it called secondary sector,so the planned was to ignore the informal secotor which is where majority of the people are.that is why the country is not able to feed its people

Vision 2035 to make people the main actors of their development, so why take every thing to yaounde, average life expectancy, you can never go wrong with the right math.

Way forward,Data science and economics, freedom of speech,adopt the SDGs and dumb this vision2035,introduce true demoracy and autonomy for southern Cameroon.

these are the risks according to them ,political transition,participation,social justice, dual anglophone-francophone system(solution assimilate people without asking them if they want to be asimilated).In 2014 poverty was 35.5% aim was to reduce to 10%,investing in infrastructure(physical and digital), , invite FDI, “narrow the gap between the rich and the poor” what is that suppose to mean



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I write about education and democracy,my interest is in how data science can be used to improve health,the quality of education and democracy in Africa