How does technological advances affect medicine?

Technology Treat Us

In this paper, I shall examine the contribution of technology to medicine. In our modern age, Technology is developing; therefore, this development brings new innovative differences in the lives of the people. Technology affects every field as well as the medical field, by using new technological tools, biomedical tools, and nanotechnology. We can find a solution or cure for different kinds of illnesses. We can have advanced biomedical devices and Nanotechnological devices. With the rapidly developing technology era, new technological tools are used in the medical sector also; nanotechnology which is the most important contribution of technology to the health field provides many benefits. In this manner, advanced technology helps in the field of medicine for the treatment and diagnosis of diseases.

First of all, developing technology has great contributions to the medical field. There are many technological tools for diagnosing diseases and treating diseases and these tools are constantly developing and helping people more. Mainly, Technological improvements especially tools help in the diagnosis of illnesses and to find a solution and also help during surgery. Furthermore, developing technology is a widespread consensus that doctors or nurses have information and have benefited from technological innovation. The biomedical sector is the sector formed by the integration of technology with the medical field. Moreover, biomedical tools bring a new method for ill people. Moreover, biomedical tools bring a new method for the treatment or diagnosis of illness and it finds a medical solution. Additionally, biomedical discoveries and related fields contribute to medicine in every aspect. According to Conrad “medical technologies provided healthcare providers wıth effective tools to coerce others ınto approved healthy lifestyles” (1999) what Conrad really means is medical technologies are helping medical practitioners make better decisions with respect to the health of their patient. We can easily understand that technology brings advantages thanks to devices like prosthetic limbs and artificıal organs helping to improve the lifestyle of patients it also helps in the diagnosis of illnesses thanks to some imagery devices lıke x-ray machines. For instance, new high technology devices are used by producers. They produce products that come into contact with the human skin. Thanks to these technological devices we can easily learn the temperature in our body and the hormone values in our blood and changes in our body. People use digital contact lenses. These lenses measure their blood sugar levels from their body secretions. This situation provides early diagnosis and early treatment of diabetes.

Furthermore, the advancement of medical technology is helping to improve the healthcare sector in such a way as improving life span through the use of nanotechnology. It is obvious that nanomedicine is a new field of science and technology. “Without doubt one of the greatest values of nanotechnology will be in the development of new and effective medical treatment.”(Thanos, 2005) what Thanos means is that nanotechnology brings vast developments of new and effective medical treatments such as nanomedicine or artificial receptors. With these Nanotechnological devices, doctors can treat cancer. Additionally using nanometer-sized objects they can treat diseases by injecting these microbots into the blood these nanobots also help ın the dıagnosıs and treatment of dıseases more efficiently and effectively. These nanobots or nanoparticles are gaining ground in the field of oncology as they are being used by physıcians for the treatment of tumor an example is the DNA -based nanobots which ıs able to carry medication and release it at the site of specıfıc cancer cells or on command. Another example according to Dr. Mesko Bertalan writing for the medical Futurist, Researchers from the Max Planck Institute have been experimenting with exceptionally micro-sized nanobots that have the ability to swim through blood vessels and fluids and could easily be used to deliver drugs or other medical relıef, targeting specıfic tissues and organs in the system(Bertalan,2016).

To sum up, advanced technology provides new tools and medical equipment into the field of medicine. That is why medical sectors use these devices to diagnose different kinds of illnesses. Also, these devices are useful for the early diagnosis of illnesses. Early diagnosis is very important for some kinds of cancer and other types of illnesses. Therefore technology brings advantages to medicine. Also, it helps to save lives the combination of engineering and medicine whereby nanobot’s very small robots can have direct contact with specific human tissues and cells in the human body where physicıans could not otherwise access with different devices. Indeed considering the great importance of technology in the medical field such as the use of medical devices to enhance and improve health and also use of nanotechnology to easily detect cancer and efficiently treat it and other diseases as well is fair enough to say that technology has greatly improved the manner in which physicians diagnose and treat their patients and will continue to improve as we move to the future.

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