The rise and reign of science

From its little beginning among members of organized religion, science has seen an enormous transformation over the years, with its earliest roots which can be traced back to Egypt, in Mesopotamia around 3000BCE to 12000BCE.

The different sciences include Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, Formal Sciences, and Applied Sciences.

Scientists across the broad spectrum of sciences have made great strides in helping to shape our understanding of the cosmos and our relationship with it therein, From Galileo to Isaac Newton to Einstein, Marie Curie, Loius Pasteur to the contemporary scientist Richard Feynman, Neil de Grass, Carl Sagan, Scientist are tackling the daily challenges from Climate change, to Viruses, etc.

In this day and age of misinformation, critical thinking, and research has never been so useful, we see a huge sense of anti-science conspiracies and anti-science pushback, enemies of reason and rationality trying to pull us back to the dark ages.

As scientists continue to tackle issues around climate change, dark matter, the hard problem of consciousness, black holes, etc its the responsibility of science lovers and science enthusiasts to continue to push for the advancement of critical thinking, encouraging empirical evidence-based facts to be spread

As science and scientists continue to reign we must continue to resist the enemies of reason and rationality would rather prefer irrationality and subjective opinion rather than rational and empirical evidence-based science



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I write about education and democracy,my interest is in how data science can be used to improve health,the quality of education and democracy in Africa